Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Ed Litton's

Title: Ed Litton's
Hanzo finished his Litton assembly. It is a thing of Beauty.
So, today we did 30 miles and ended up at Ed Litton's Shop.

(this shot was with my phone)

He, in blue, was very approachable and obliging. Turns out he built Hanzo's frame in 1985. He had amazing bikes everywhere. A lot of them were in for repairs, but there is a Litton track and cross and a tiny fully road Litton that took 24" wheels. Those Litton's were his, but I think he'd sell the Tiny Road. There is a spray booth in the back, and more bikes. There is a 3Rensho roadie, and a Nag track, and a couple of Eisentraut's and a herd of Italians. And I forgot the battery in my camera.

Now that we know right where he is, out past Hyphy, we'll be back.

And pics of Hanzo's complete Litton to come.

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MELI. said...

super cool, what a great place you came across. cant wait to see more frame pics etc/ ;)))

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