Friday, July 3, 2009

Rest Easy Shelly

George & Shelly

George, in blue, came to our outdoor feeders in late November 2001. He came in out of the cold the day George Harrison died.

We got him Shelly soon after, and they were truly a pair for almost eight years.

George keeps looking for her. He's heartbroken.

So is GG.


Gunnar Berg said...

We had a pair of Peachfaced Lovebirds. During pleasant weather we would hang the cage out under the grape arbor. One morning Lorna forgot to latch the cage door. They grabbed their freedom. About a year later I was visiting a neighbor. They had two Lovebirds. She said one had died, but then one day another one showed up on her porch. So one of my birds has been living with Tammi for about five years now.

Old Nevermore said...

What a bummer. George really loved that girl.

Fly free, Shelly.

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