Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ed's Been Hangin Tough

Thought I'd show you something that's been hanging down in the lab for sometime.

Ed Litton Steel

Aquired from American Cycolery of all places. Someone had ordered it and never picked it up. It has never been built up and is a thing of beauty. It's a dark sparkly red, almost a dead ringer for the color of the Walter Croll.  Here's what it has or will have:
  • Sram Force drivetrain
  • Chris King hs (another amazing match in it's Redness)
  • Mavic Ksyrium ES wheelset
  • TRP R 950 brake calipers
  • Easton EC 90 post, stem, and drops
  • Fizik Arione
  • Look Keo Carbon pedals
It has been a long slow build. Parts have materialized from all over the place, for as cheap as possible. All that's left to aquire is the saddle, pedals, maybe some faux carbon fiber cable housing. It should be going in to get wired very, very, soon; I don't want to cable the drivetrain. 

The most important thing you should know, I guess, is this isn't mine. It's HH's. I'm just wishing it fit me and storing it for him.


Old Nevermore said...

Damn, that Hanzo is a patient guy. I think I've built and sold 5 bikes since he started this thing.

Looks good. Can't wait to get down and ride with you guys..

Gunnar Berg said...

does this beautiful machine really have one red spoke or is it a photo thing. I hope it does. I love the concept - like one white rose in a red bouquet.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Yeah, sweet wheels.

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