Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Visiting the Artist and His Muse

The final leg of our journey, was down to Rebecca and Todd's awesome place in the Finger Lakes. On the way we stopped by Missy and Andy's wonderful home. What a place, just amazing. The house, the gardens, I love their style. Little did I know, it was the first stop on our Beautiful Homes and Gardens tour. We spent three days lounging, eating, and visiting very cool friends in their very cool houses. There was birding, boccie, swimming, wine tasting, talk of art and newborns. A field of fireflies, billiards in a haunted house, Amish vegetable stands, fires on the lake, and more groovy people in the middle of New York than you could imagine. It's a good life there, for now.

Artist - NY 08

Muse - NY 08

Ovid - NY 08

Cookin - NY 08

View - NY 08

Sapsucker Woods - NY 08

Across - NY 08

Double Wide - NY 08

Loungin - NY 08

LakeFire - NY 08

Rescue Mission - NY 08

Haunted - NY 08

Cool - NY 08

Cayuga Sunset - NY 08

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