Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It Can't Be That Small, Can It?

One time, when we were in Cuba, we were standing in line to get into the country, there were maybe 250 people in the room, and GG ran into someone she knew. Did I mention this was in line at customs in Havana, Cuba, where we were illegally.

One time we were in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York, very rural, not near much of anything else. We went down some BACK country roads to an Amish vegetable stand. In the middle of nowhere, half the locals don't even know it's there. Only going to be there, maybe, 10 minutes, the smallest window of opportunity, and GG runs into some of her old posse from growing up in SF, Maya and Nicole. Oh, and then Maya's mother, turns to her and says, "This is the woman I've been looking for." In reference to my mother. It was quite a scene at the Old Amish Market.

Fucking Weird.

Weirdness - NY 08

More Weirdness - NY 08

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