Sunday, July 20, 2008

Night At The Museum

Our reasons for traveling to New York are numerous. Every person we know there is a reason to go. We didn't make it to NYC, that will be another trip all together. We will have to throw a party and invite all the folks we know while we're there, just so we don't miss anyone.

One of our many reasons for this last trip was the opening of TVM's amazing Lost Bird Project at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester. The evenings festivities included a star studded dining experience and then the opening partys. The dinner was amazing, the guest list was wonderful, so many great people, and all this was eclipsed by Todd's beautiful drawings and sculptures. Really, truely, touching and beautiful. More on the project later but here's some of what happened that night:

Girls - NY 08

Beck and Laura - NY 08

Paul - NY 08


Cuties - NY 08

TVM - NY 08




Auk - NY 08

Hen - NY 08

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