Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Friday!

It's Friday #9

It's Friday #9
And Oakland finally got it's own Specialty Beer Bottle Shop and Tasting Room. Like City Beer in SF and Belmont Station in Portland, they have beer on tap for consumption and bottles of everything to go that they will let ya drink there for a buck more. There's a big front porch and you can bring your own nibbles.

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Gunnar Berg said...

For th serious drinkers: Is there better Maibocks? Every one I have tasted was a disappointment. So I've moved on.

Old Nevermore said...

Gorsh! Where's this?

Lucky Jonny, very lucky. From the reports that find their way into the bubble, the PDX Style is gaining footholds all over. Even in, gasp, OAK.

Soon, all you lousy Californians, Midwesterners and Brooklyinites can stop moving here. We're full, thanks.

I'll be in Portland 3 years in July which I think makes me officially able to complain about newcomers and talk about how great it used to be here.

You know, before all the transplants brought culture to this backwater.

Also, there's no way the bar staff is as surly or disinterested as those of the mighty Belmont Station. That shit takes years to perfect.

Jonny Hamachi said...

I think you've found your voice again.

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