Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well, Now This Is Interesting

There's a town in the Oregonian area of our country. It's on a large river, which connects to a larger river, that leads to the sea, making it an inland port. In this town there is a place, I kid you not, with One Thousand Beers. On one side is a small cafe with 14 taps, a small menu (everybody has to) and a super grumpy bartender playing online poker on his register monitor. On the other side is the greatest beer store I have ever seen. They carry beer, mead, beer, cider, a bit of wine, and beer. They also have every specialty glass required for said beverages. The drafts are available to take home, the entire store can be purchased for here or to go, at different prices.

They have one or two boring beers, I think I saw Pacifico. But you know the drill, they get rare specialty kegs from your favorite micros, stock all the killer imports from all around the World, soo many beers, six packs and big beers, kegs available. Bring your own Growler. Click Here for an alphabetical list. Click Here for a list by style. Print one of those out and call it your Bucket List.

On Tap in the Biercafe:
Golden Valley Chehalem Mtn. IPA · Bridgeport Hop Harvest
Rogue Double Dead Guy · Collaborator Resurrection Rye
EKU Pils · Hacker-Pschorr Dunkel-Weisse
Bend Outback Ale · Golden Valley Tannenbomb 2007
Caldera Ginger · Russian River Salvation
New Belgium Giddy Up · Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron
HUB Fest of Fury · Full Sail Lupulin

It was a rainy day in early October, we were out for a ride with the lads in the trailer. I love riding in a light rain. Gear Up. We just got rolling and Abe flatted, we've got nothing to help on a Sunday, so now it's a pleasant walk in the rain back to the house. Quick bike switch and we're back on the road. A few turns later and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, there is the Belmont Station. The rain keeps falling, we keep smiling, and there's beer.

We had a couple sitting in the rain with the boys, then the girls showed up and we finished up inside. Picked out half a dozen big and littles to go, and headed off for dinner. It was still raining, no really.

Belmont Station 7

Belmont Station 2

Belmont Station 4

Belmont Station 3

Belmont Station 5

Belmont Station 6

Belmont Station 1

Wet Spot

Wet Shogun

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Old Nevermore said...

I just had a Rogue double dead guy, a bowl of corn chowder, the asshole bartender actually said hello to me (must be winning), a half of a valium and a hot bath.

All of this was of course following a rainy ride to Sauvie Island.

In your face, humanity!

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