Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rest Easy Jim

Rest Easy Jim

Title: Shelly Winters - 1963, Jim Marshall
From an obit:

Short and barrel-chested, with a love of whiskey, women and at one time cocaine, Mr. Marshall lived in a Castro flat packed with books, photos, LPs and magazines.

He was known to occasionally brandish guns and yell obscenities, and twice police arrested him for firing a pistol at his enemies - once at the neighbors and another time at a male friend of his then-wife.
He ran with McCune and the Pirate Watson and was infamous with bartenders around town. Once he gave Kilfy one of his Johnny Cash Flipping the Bird prints because Sean had said he loved it (and Sean put up with a lot of Jim). Another time, adamantly opposed to onions, he pulled his gun on our friend Liz at Mars during lunch. There were onions baked into his bread.

He was always packing (at least two beautiful Leicas) and I always enjoyed him sitting at my bar, even when his head spun.

The night just got a little darker.

Marshall Photo


Unknown said...

I am me -always me

Very Good - he was a part of my life, but didn't know it or maybe care. This seems fitting - to know more of him

wanderlust said...

He used to come in Jardiniere as well. Kilfy and I were just talking about him the other day. Funny guy, talented, too. Sad.

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