Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watson's Mountain Retreat

"What the Hell? Nobody wants to read about what your drinking! It's bad enough you tell us what your having for dinner, especially when it's Sardines! Enough of the Beer Pictures!"


All right, I get it. But if your ever in McMinnville, Oregon have lunch at Golden Valley Brewery. We didn't eat but the food looked great, the place was hopping, and the beer, well, nevermind.

Watson's Mountain Retreat is a Pirate's Hideaway up above Tomalas Bay. There are maps of the Carribean, a salt water pool, bottles and bottles of Rhum and Tequila, a saltwater fish tank, big beds, a great galley, and a beautiful veiw. It is a safe haven up above the Marine Layer.

It's location is, of course, a secret. It can only be found by thems that have already been there. Or, if you happen to run into the Pirate Watson on one of his many adventures or supply runs. He spends a lot of time down in Baja and has been known to troll around the Bay Area.

Having sailed in common waters, we have earned membership in the Brotherhood. We are only Junior Members, but we are up above the Fringe.

To become a Senior Member, to venture into the inner circle, well, that takes years of dedication, there is blood, tears, and bile involved. I know most of the Senior Members and all I can say is:

WMR Fish


Profile Pic

Watson's Mountain Retreat 17

Never Cross A Pirate.

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