Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Then, On Sunday

We headed out to The Marshall Store for a dozen (15), chowder and a Tin of LifeBlood

Nobody there but Us
Nobody But Us
Down to Millerton Point for a hike with the dogs
Millerton Point Beach
Nobody there but Us
Millerton Point
Go Pack


Gunnar Berg said...

When the Pack goes in as a wildcard maybe there will be a Vike/Pack playoff game. Is that feasible in the structure?

Jonny Hamachi said...

That will probably be the Championship Game.


wanderlust said...

Promise you'll take me to the Marshall Store before I leave.

wanderlust said...

Geaux Saints by the way.

P77 said...

You should trade your photos for clams at that store, they're considerably better than what's on their website. And yes... Go Pack Go!

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