Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So, On Saturday

We spent the rainy weekend up at the Watson's Mountain Retreat again, but this time we drove up to Petaluma on the way.

I had not yet been to Lagunitas and I rank them continuously in the Rotating and Roving Top Five. These guys are always entertaining me.

And this tradition continued. They have a wonderful outdoor Beer Sanctuary that was on rain delay,
Lagunitas Sanctuary
so we tucked into the cozy Tap Room.
Lagunitas Tap Room

We got there just in time to get two decent seats at the bar. Within a half an hour, the place was packed.
Lagunitas List
Had a sandwich, Imperial Stout, Hop Stoopid Black
Hop Stoopid Black
and a Drunken Russian.

Now, as much as I love me some Lagunitas, and I've been trying to revisit all the locals, the only reason I was fortunate enought to be there that day is because the Jug Band in the corner was our favorites
Brothers Comatose @ Lagunitas

They were great, had a big local following, and fun was had by All. Check out their website, listen to their songs, follow them on friendster, no wait, my space, shit I mean, facebook, and watch for them performing near you. It's a downright potent live show.

The Tap Room was closing early, the rain was lurking and we still had to get up the mountain, so we ducked out a little early. A grand idea really. One more killer beer and the wheels would be rolling, soon there after they would probably fall off.

They were closing early and there was a big tent out front with formal dining set up. On the way in it looked like an awesome party was brewing.

It was.

For the Staff of the Brewery, the Old Man likes to do it right. Closing down on a Saturday Night before Christmas for a Staff Party.
Respect the Dance Floor.
Lagunitas Storage
Yeah, we had to go.
Lagunitas Devil
Lagunitas Brewing Company

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