Friday, November 27, 2009

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Mmmm, Blue Bottle

Title: Mmmm, Blue Bottle
We brought two coffees Back to Mexico. Hilarious descriptions from their website:


This organic Mexican coffee from the Chiapas region comes from a co-op of small, mainly indigenous landholders. It is carefully milled and processed near the growing region and beautifully sorted for export. At a single roast level this coffee is pleasant but dainty, with sweetness but not much complexity. However, roasted at different levels and then blended together (called melange roasting in the coffee biz - a practice sadly out of fashion these days) it really comes alive: hints of sage and leather, a touch of wood smoke - a John Ford western in a cup. More important than any implausible grasping for adjectives, is that this is an excellent food coffee - a bacon and eggs coffee. Big bowls of chilaquiles, stacks of pancakes, buttered brioche: the Chiapas is a lovely companion to almost all conceivable breakfast foods. It takes milk well; stalwart black.
and Nayarita
This is a remarkable Mexican coffee. Usually only the worst, most horrible not-for export coffees in Mexico are dry processed (saves money on electricity for the water pump, and saves money on labor). But this is a lovingly farmed and dry-processed coffee from the state of Nayarit in western Mexico. In cuppings, it resembles a burly, heavy-fruited Ethiopian, or perhaps the Chapada Diamantina (Brazil) we were so proud of last season. We use it a lot at the cafĂ© – both on the siphon, on the Bosco, and on the cold, slow drip machine where the taste resembles flat Mr. Pibb. Not Dr. Pepper – Mr. Pibb. It is powerfully fruited. And heavy bodied – but not in the same way an inky Sumatra is heavy-bodied. A well-made cup of the Nayarita has melody and harmony. As it cools, an entire orchestra of fruit launches into a complex and juicy counterpoint. But it is not dainty – there is a big-boned, almost overripe, scary Joan Crawford component to the Nayarita. Not to be trifled with.
Killer Koffee.

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