Friday, March 27, 2009

People Die

The motorcycles of two of the fallen officers on display at an Oakland Police Department substation. (Dean Smith/ABC7)

Are we, as a society, becoming desensitized to violence? Through television, movies, war, here and abroad, 9/11, shooting sprees, bombings, rape, torture, abductions, ultimate fighting, people shooting people.  The more we hear and see, the less we are aghast.

You can hide from it, not watch the movies, the tv, the news, but it's still there. And if your not paying attention your certainly not doing anything about it.

Or is it just me? 

Hell, I'm paying attention And not doing anything about it. Just protect me and mine, and try to do the right thing.

Sitting here in North Oakland, while the services are being held.


Gunnar Berg said...

Are we being desensitized? Yes.
As you said, I hide. I deal with it by avoiding it, avoid thinking about it - movies, newwspapers and TV news, particularily cable, which will find something visually sensational and beat you over the head with it, again and again.
Urban settings with people living under the stress of crowding and poverty don't help. Living in small town or rural setting where people actually know each other is better. Occasionally somebody will snap, but Richland Center, Wisconsin probably doesn't have a lot of violence.

reverend dick said...

I don't think Ultimate Fighting is a bad thing at all, at all. Those guys are _ucking athaletes, leaving everything they have out there on the cage floor. Truth. And when the natch is done, 10 times out of 10 the guys show much respect for one another, man to man. Nobody knows better what it takes to have that heart than the 2 who just laid it down, and having said that- it comes across to those willing to see it.

There are thugs in any arena of any sport, but Ultimate Fighting is not a cause or a joke, it is heart. Respect.

Gunnar Berg said...

I don't like ultimate anything. I do not like boxing. I do not want to see people getting hurt, physically, mentally or emotionally. And I will not apologize for those feelings.

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