Saturday, March 28, 2009


saw tool at the stone in 92 and there was nobody there. less than 70 people.

it was at the begining of their tour for opiate.

they played sf again at the end of the tour and due to the low turn out at the stone, they played a free show at slim's, first come - first served. line around the block.

we called bullshit on that and payed to see them at the berkeley square. packed house.

later we saw them at the warfield,

and the small stage at an early lalapalooza.

but after the stone?

it looked just like that.


P77 said...

I saw them at Slim's sometime after Opiate but had to pay to get in. Actually, received that disc as a free promo somehow. I hate that fuckin' club, saw so many great bands there and always got stuck trying to watch from behind a pillar, waiting endlessly for a drink and wondering why they hired such jocksuckers to "work" the door.

Jonny Hamachi said...

sounds like slim's to me

Old Nevermore said...

Slim's does suck, but the time I o.d.'d on phenobarbital and beer (Reverend Horton Heat, 1995), the big black doorman who was always such a dick took good care of me and made sure I was safe.

We played there once, too, and the hospitality was Really Good.

Jonny Hamachi said...

I think I was at that show. That doorman recently passed.

Old Nevermore said...

I heard that dude died, and was sorry for it.

Bless him, and the 20 Tanks, and redheaded Heather Black and her pills.

I miss The City the way it was.

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