Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Corporate Sponsorship?

Title: Corporate Sponsorship?


Gunnar Berg said...

Holy buckets! Jonny, this is an opportunity to leverage your position of Minnow Guru into graft and corruption. "...if we can do anything else to ensure..." is code for a kickback to hype the product for under the table cash. If I would have known there was an chance of ill gotten gain I'd have formally fallen in with your piscatorial band.

Old Nevermore said...

We're rich!

Rich, bitches!

fxdwhl said...

you guys sold out. I remember when you were all about the sardines, now you're all van halen with copious amounts of blow and lear jets...

Old Nevermore said...

I am the "Diamond Dave" of the sardine set.

You gonna do that line, or what?

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