Friday, February 13, 2009

How Many Different Bicycles Do You Need? 8 Minutes in France, Europe

Caméra embarquée sur la célèbre piste de descente "Venosc" au 2 Alpes lors du mondial de VTT 2007.

Rider : Sebastien Chovet, team d'Ayton-Giant.
Caméraman: Elmar Keineke, responsable SRAM Europe.

ATTENTION les yeux c'est NERVEUX !!!

Attention pas de langage SMS dans les commentaires sinon touche... Merci


Gunnar Berg said...

Jeez Jonny, I'm old and in the way, and haven't owned a mountain bike in years. But that looks like fun! Watching that, I caught myself leaning into the turns and sliding my chair sideways to stay on the trail.

reverend dick said...


Lift serve motorheads, riding in crowds.

Does look fun, though.

oldschooly said...

I wonder how they got to the top of that hill? Not by bike I 'spec'. What's a bike ride if a car isn't involved, right? Wrong.


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