Monday, February 9, 2009

The Best Way To Ruin A Good Walk

GG, Mad, Til, Four Dogs, and I climbed Mt. Tam.

It started out innocent enough. We parked down on Blithedale in Mill Valley and walked up, through neighborhoods to the Blithedale Summit Preserve, to get to the South side of Mt Tam State Park. The plan was to take the fire roads up to the West Peak. When we got to Railroad Grade, we were feeling energetic, so we thought we would cut the switchback by going up the Temelpa Trail. It is a much steeper, narrow, rocky, and a lot of work. Well the trail never found another fire road. We kept climbing and climbing. Eventually finding ourselves at the top of the East Peak. It was a serious hike rather than a serious stroll. It had been threatening sun and rain all day and if it had opened up like it did later we would have been washed down the South side of the mountain.
Temelpa Trail
It was cold and windy on the peak and we didn't stay long. We took all the easy trails down. Down Fern Creek, to Railroad Grade, to Hoo Koo E Koo, to Blithedale. It never did rain, until we got back to the cars. Just as darkness descended it started dumping.
The views were amazing, not perfectly clear, but we could see the East Bay, the City, Bridges, and the Ocean. And make no mistake, we climbed Mt. Tam, from the bottom.

It was a Great Day, but I am feeling it now, and I'll bet those dogs are too.


P77 said...

I love that view of "The City". My legs are sore just imagining that climb, though.

Anonymous said...

sam wants to know exactly where you parked on Blithedale.

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