Monday, December 1, 2008

Eating, Drinking, Smoking, Smiling, Same Shit, Different Country, With A Beach

I could show you pics of mornings spent snorkeling in private coves, afternoons spent sleeping/reading/savage tanning by our private pool, incredible meals at home and out, and majestic sunsets. I could show you pics of young Mexican surfers juxtaposed against the mighty cruise ships parked behind them. I could show you pics of Osprey perched on a pole right above us at the San Jose del Cabo's Estuary and Bird Sanctuary. I could show you our Thanksgiving dinner at Latitude 22+ Roadhouse and the huge doobies we smoked before we got there. Many beers, tequilas, and picante sauces later, we have close to 500 pictures, after deletes, of friends, family, art, and love. I'll probably Today's Photo many of them. For now I give you a 30 second exposure of our lifestyle South of the Border.

30 Seconds in Mexico

No Bad Days, Thanks Pat.

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