Monday, November 3, 2008

What A Weekend!!

We had an awesome weekend, GG's birthday was a great party, Thanks Rick, Thanks Pat. There were Historic and Monumental Moments. We pranked on LC/DC. She told of a parrot costume she was excited about, so four of us tried to match her costume without telling her. Hers was a little different and yet 5 parrots was fucking hilarious, she loved it from the second she showed up. All the rest of our crew dressed in the traditional manner of channeling your inner self

4 Parrots

1 Parrot

5 Parrots

Saturday was a rainy recovery day. Perfect.

And Sunday we went to the Cross race at CandleStick Point. Then to the Richardson Bay Audubon Sanctuary in Tiberon, had lunch,  stopped at White Pelican Slough, where there were two flocks and a ton of shorebirds, AND THEN we went hiking at Point Pinole for a good two hours.

Richardson Bay View

We crossed three bridges and finished with a great birthday dinner at Mama Sherry's. You gotta try that place, killer food.

But enough about us, tomorrow is the election, so much more important. It has been a long campaign, and it's not over yet, BUT, it looks like the World Will Be A Better Place, it looks like a Historic and Monumental Day. If something goes awry, I'll be guarding the compound as Oakland erupts.

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