Wednesday, October 31, 2012

¡Vámonos Gigantes!

I'm a different fan than I was.

Long story boring...
(and I just typed out that long boring story and deleted it)(Wisconsin (Brewers) to the Central Valley)

I am a Giants Fan.

I have spent many days and nights at Candlestick and earned my Croix de Candlestick buttons.

Veni Vidi Vixi

The Giants moved to China Basin and we enjoyed more than a few games at Pac Bell Park.

Then, just before the 2002 season, I started working at AT&T, at the Acme Chophouse. I helped staff the bar with my familiars and worked there for 9 seasons. From the 2002 "World Series losing" season through the 2010 World Series Wining Season.

After so many seasons, after so many games, after so many post season games, after so many World Series games where the fanatics are sitting right in front of me screaming at every pitch. No matter whether the Giants were at home or on the road, the place had a line out the door and


it changed the way I experience the Giants.

I watched it out of the corner of my eye for nine seasons, with someone ready to high five me with every strike. So many people, so many regulars, so many folks that know my name and go to every game. So many good people that when they walk in I just start to make their drink.

I can't go to a bar and watch a Giants game. I won't see it.

They are shown at the bar I now work at. And I was there all season, but I don't see it. I watch replays and celebrate runs and wins but I am working. It doesn't feel the same. I'm working.

I watch and listen to games at home now. Midnight Baseball Rules. I can barely settle in to a good seat at the ballpark. The crowds and energy are all a trigger.

Before, I once was the bar manager at the Great American Music Hall and with the BASS ticket window they would receive Lower Box Seat vouchers for any seat not sold at Candlestick. And they would give them to me. That season we went to so many games. Taking 10 people to fireworks games and always betting how few pitches it would take Nen to save the 9th, game after game after game.

I've sat all over the new ballpark. Even in the "dugout seats" which are the heads you see on the sides of the backstop when you see the shot from centerfield of the batter/catcher/ump. I had to stand up to see home plate and it was the most amazing perspective with Jason Schmidt pitching. Luxury suites, Dusty's seats, upper deck and Club Level. Sweet seats down low for every Monday game in 2001. One year we went on our anniversary and Pat got us a Congratulations on the Jumbo and we actually saw it.

I've met Mays, Cepada, two Bonds and four Alous, owners and managers. I've been on the field and in the locker room (both during games) I have 40+ Giants autographed baseballs received in a lot of different situations, jerseys, catcher's masks, baseball cards, programs, soil from the infield of the 2002 World Series, too many t-shirts, a brick that fell off the building and only 3 bobble heads. Lucy, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. All in Giant's gear.

Now. Now I sneak into the park and get to my seat and I don't drink and I watch every pitch. I don't want to talk too much, I just want to be. I'm not rioting in the street and I'm not going to the Parade. It's all in my head but a trip to a Giant's game isn't a party.

If I want to party I go to an A's game.

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