Friday, April 13, 2012

The Neighbors

We put up this house, maybe, 10 years ago. All that's ever moved in are Paper Wasps. Then finally a pair of Oak Titmice took over the compound.

Oak Titmouse
We stopped filling the feeders as soon as it was we noticed they were condo shopping so that the masses wouldn't bum rush the show. The sparrows, finches, and squirrels have stopped construction of two attempted Bushtit nests.

These two have been chasing off visitors since moving in.

Oak Titmouse 2
When they were setting up house I brushed out Annie and planted her fur on the feeders and around the yard. The nest should be quite cozy.
The Oak Titmouse builds its nest in a woodpecker hole, a natural cavity, or a nest box, using grass, moss, mud, hair, feathers, and fur. It breeds from March into July, with peak activity in April and May, laying 3-9 eggs, usually 6-8. The female is the primary incubator, with incubation taking 14–16 days. Young are altricial, and are tended by both parents in nest for 16–21 days. Parents continue to tend to young for another three to four weeks after they leave the nest. wiki
We can hear the babies and have been watching the parents come and go, bringing small worms and bugs from the rain soaked world.

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So cuuuuute.

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