Wednesday, January 25, 2012

West Coast Weather Report

It's been a crazy mild winter so far. We had maybe six days of rain and it just ended with a forecast of mid 60s for the week. Just before the rain came for a visit we were back out to the Berkeley Marina for a beautiful afternoon. The burrowing owls were back as well.

Burrowing at the Berkeley Marina
No Wind = No Sailboats
Sunset at the Berkeley Marina
The clearest evening. So still and slightly eerie; it felt like earthquake weather.
GGB from the Berkeley Marina
Seven Days in January


reverend dick said...

It seems odd to me that those little guys would nest so near the water. What's to eat? I suppose the burrowing is easy, cuz that can be hard on a owl...

Jonny Hamachi said...

The ground squirrels have already made the burrows amongst the rocks.

Nice link.

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