Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tracing Lines Through Time

OK. Let me see if I've got this.

My mother, Rebecca Jane, is the daughter of Jane Marie, who is the daughter of William and Ethel.

William and Ethel (Wicker) Bann
William is the son of Thomas and Ellen.
Thomas Bann
Ellen Bann
Thomas is the son of John and Mary.
John Bann
Veteran - Civil War
"A native Parish Claremorris Co Galway, Ireland"
(I have been to Claremorris, now in Co Mayo, and have friends there)
Mary (Kerigan) Bann
"Born Co Galway, Ireland"
(the quotes are what's on the tombstones according to the Richland County, Wisconsin cemetery website)

William Bann is upper right. Thomas and Ellen in the front row. 1905
The Bann Clan

Just one ancestral string.


Gunnar Berg said...

Very cool. Nice to have them together so you can visit them and they can keep each other company. Home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I think you rock. And you look like a Bann. Guess who.

fdmeyer said...

So John L. and Jerry M. must be the other two in the photo.

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