Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Smoke Canister Away From a Full-On Fucking Riot

Metallica Turns 30
Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST), Glenn Danzig (DANZIG, MISFITS, SAMHAIN), Jerry Cantrell (ALICE IN CHAINS), Pepper Keenan (DOWN, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY), Gary Rossington (LYNYRD SKYNYRD), Nick "Animal" Culmer (ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE) and former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted joined METALLICA on stage.
01. Suicide & Redemption
02. Master Of Puppets
03. ...And Justice For All
04. Of Wolf & Man
05. Fade To Black
06. The Thing That Should Not Be
07. I Disappear
08. The Outlaw Torn
09. Hell And Back (previously unreleased song from "Death Magnetic" sessions)
10. Blitzkrieg (BLITZKRIEG cover) (with fan-club members Joseph Guariglia)
11. For Whom The Bell Tolls (with Jerry Cantrell)
12. Nothing Else Matters (with Jerry Cantrell)
13. So What?! (ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE cover) (with Animal)
14. Tuesday's Gone (LYNYRD SKYNYRD cover) (with Gary Rossington, Pepper Keenan, Jerry Cantrell, and Jim Martin)
15. Fuel (with Jason Newsted)
16. Fight Fire With Fire (with Jason Newsted)
17. Die, Die My Darling (MISFITS cover) (with Glenn Danzig)
18. Last Caress (MISFITS cover) (with Glenn Danzig)
19. Green Hell (MISFITS cover) (with Glenn Danzig)
20. Rapid Fire (JUDAS PRIEST cover) (with Rob Halford)
21. Seek & Destroy (with Jason Newsted, Jerry Cantrell, Pepper Keenan, Jim Martin, Glenn Danzig, Animal, LAAZ ROCKIT, and THE SOUL REBELS brass band)
Hanging in the VIP Lounge, Hard Rocking on the Floor,
A Serious, SERIOUS Rager.

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