Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday!

High Water Retribütion

From the ashes of Valley Brewing

About a month ago, he heard from the owner, Kelly Jacobs, that she wanted to sell the brewery and gave Steve a price if he was interested. So Steve went to work, found partners and investors in short order and made an offer based on his earlier conversation with Jacobs. No dice. The price was now inexplicably higher. They tried again with higher offers, but each time the owners kept raising the price. Then they fired John, their only salesman. Last Thursday, they tried one last offer, which met with the same frustrating negative response. On Friday, the day before Steve was scheduled to take a family vacation, he asked for explanation. He was told they “decided on another offer, and they don’t need you. Thanks, but get out.” In less than two hours he was locked out of the brewery that he helped build for the past fourteen years. - Jay Brooks
Superbrewer Steve Altimari has pulled together resources and talent and delighted me again.
High Water Retribütion
Retribütion Imperial IPA is brewed for the true connoisseur of all things hoppy. We brew this beer with one theme: Go big... or go home! Layers of bittering, finishing and aroma hops combine to result in a truly unique flavor experience. 9.5%/95 IBUs
On Tap with the Hop Riot at City Beer
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