Monday, May 9, 2011

40° 5' 57" N, 82° 56' 43" W

I remember Joe Renzetti.
Early 90's.
I always liked Joe Renzetti.

I haven't listened to His entire catalog but I do find some of the Soundtracks to His Life/Mind to be quite co-habitable. I, of course, am drawn to the darker movie running through my head. Lalurie, Tortured Landscapes, I need to hear the rest of Talking to the Dead and Thenatos. Other tracks miss me by a trickle.

This is one of those weird Facebook things where I have thinly connected to a past friend and have enjoyed learning more. I checked out Joe's website and sound because I have been thrilled and hypnotized to see the product of one of Joe's Passions. He regularly posts images he has created. Through his dedication of knowledge, time, and money he shares images like these:

Joe Renzetti

I love the view of a crescent Moon through a refractor.

32% Waxing Gibbous 05.08.11
- J.R.

Joe Renzetti 2
M51 04.09.11
Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici
20 30 second shots ISO 1600
- J.R.

Joe Renzetti 3
Moon 04.13.11
77% Waxing Gibbous
Single prime focus shot 100 ISO
- J.R.

Joe Renzetti 5
M64 04.20.11
The Black Eye Galaxy in Coma Berenices
40 30 second subs 30 dark frames ISO 1600

- J.R.

Joe Renzetti 4
setup at home for planetary imaging - J.R.

Thanks Joe. I enjoy when the planes intersect.

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P77 said...

Wow. I worked with Joe at Lightning Express way back when. Fondly recall him getting radio-dispatched a pick-up of someone's dry cleaning once. As four or five of us waited around on standby laughing at his tag nobody wanted, Joe eventually rode past (wearing all black head to toe with mangy blue-black hair) smiling and waving; wearing the sportcoat from his delivery. It must have belonged to someone half his size. Classic Joe.

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