Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friday!

SF Beer Week Opening Gala 2
Last Friday we attended the Opening Gala of SF Beer Week.

I was going to bore you with a full recollection of the day, or at least what I can recollect. Stories of kids in a candy store, a drunken mandolin player and extremely good beer. We had VIP tickets and were let in at 3:30. No lines at the pumps, the vendors are still fresh and happy to talk, and there was a panel discussion by Brewmaster Royalty.
SF Beer Week Opening Gala 3
SF Beer Week Opening Gala 4

There was a certain 21 year old we were all enamored with, from Larkspur.
SF Beer Week Opening Gala 5
SF Beer Week Opening Gala 6

Hans kept notes, says he missed one. He also missed the three or four we had with lunch.
SF Beer Week Opening Gala Setlist

This Moonlight is my last photo taken. According to Hanzo's setlist this was our fourth stop.
SF Beer Week Opening Gala 9
Turn East!


Gunnar Berg said...

;o) speechless

P77 said...

Love the handwriting's progression as the list grew.

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