Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a Crime, It's a Crime I Tell You

It's a Crime, It's a Crime I Tell You

It's only available at the brewery for the moment. It will be around town tomorrow, maybe the next day. Russian River isn't selling growlers of it and they don't bottle it. So somebody smuggled it out, bottled it, no label and put it on eBay.

I'll get mine this week. Hopefully Ben & Nick's will get their yearly ration.

So what? Who cares?
No, it's worth the hype, it's an annual event, a passage into spring, a challenge to get a glass, and it's really fucking good.

Read about the 2009. See the 2010 in a possibly doctored bigfoot type photo. BELIEVE

And then there's this:

Chris Kvale For Sale

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Gunnar Berg said...

The Kvale is the one that Mark Sirek had at $1649. He is not eBay savvy. Personally I think he should have started at $500 or $600 with a $900 reserve, but he didn't ask me. Actually he did sort of, but obviously felt more comfortable with this.

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