Monday, November 1, 2010

Super Friends

Did you ever notice Batman doesn't use guns. Toxic gases, rockets from his car, ropes and hooks, hooks and ladders, maybe a grenade, but never guns.

The Bat and Cat
Now that he's older, got a couple of beautiful kids with Catwoman. He tries so hard to lead the domesticated life. Providing for his bat colony, nice vacations, home improvements,

with a nail gun.
Nail Gun Fun 2

Nail Gun Fun
It's sweet really.
Thanks for the Good Times!


Laura Paine Carr said...

I like the top shelf. I like that he's providing for his bat colony. I like Cat Woman.

Is he taking the little bats to the ticker parade?

Laura Paine Carr said...

oh. and omg, is that your finger?
blessings on a great miss.

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