Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Help Keep Our Wildlife Wild!

Great Horned Owl

Pygmy Owl
Peregrine Falcon
Downey Woodpecker
Northern Screech Owl
From the top down: Great Horned Owl, Pygmy Owl, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, Acorn Woodpecker, Northern Screech Owl.

As GG and I wandered back from Gilroy (she gave a seminar at a regional conference) we went looking for the El Toro Brewing Co. We found these NorCal locals first.
The Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center in Morgan Hill, CA is both an acute care center for injured and sick wildlife and a nurturing center for orphaned wildlife too young to exist on their own.

W.E.R.C. operates as a temporary refuge as the organization's goal is not to tame, but to release animals back into their native habitat healthy, wild, and free.
These birds are not able to be released back due to injuries or other reasons (with the woodpecker, it's original colony is unknown so if it is released into the wrong colony it will be attacked and probably won't survive). They are used for foster parenting and educational purposes.

Up close and personal they are even more beautiful and mesmerizing. If the Giants hadn't been showing at the brewpub I would have had to leave GG there.

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