Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday!

Icelandic Beer 1

A tribute to a lost soul. 200 years ago a great volcanic eruption occurred in central Iceland. After the volcano erupted, a poisonous mist killed 75 percent of livestock and 20 percent of the population. At this time a young boy who had escaped the eruption came to a farm near Ölvisholt and requested the farmer to stay for the night as it was in the middle of winter and nowhere to go. The farmer said no and shut the door, the boy died that night of cold and starvation. The boy started haunting the farmer and all his descendants to this very day. OLVISHOLT BRUGGHUS
My trip to Iceland and London was not about beer.

That being said, I tried a few. Some were quite boring. The above red ale was not.

Icelandic Beer 2
Icelandic Beer 5
Just Beer:
Icelandic Beer 4
This one was alright:
Icelandic Beer 3
Icelandic Beer 6
The Icelandics were so mundane that I didn't even need a souvenir glass.

I did find a proper amber in cask in the Hertfordshire outside of London:
Icelandic Beer 8
Brookman's at Tring
Somehow I did not go in one Classic London Pub. It just happened that way. I'm a little stunned. Guess I'm going back.

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