Friday, September 3, 2010

Day Five

Today, the day of the Dedication Ceremony, we woke up to a wind storm. It was an interesting wind, a bit warm, I should have known it as the Wind Before the Storm. As we drove to the site the rain started. No big deal. In fact on the road we saw this, which some might call a sign.

By the time we got to Reykjanesbær it was coming down. We had lunch with the City Officials working with us and it was very pleasant. They brought us some small gifts and plans were made for the ceremony. While lunching the rain stopped and all were hopeful.

After lunch we headed out to the memorial and as we did we could see the storm moving in. By the time we arrived the rain was sheeting sideways. The city engineer and his dog were already there.

It is hard to explain the severity of this storm. We sat in the Land Crusher and watched as the albino boxer ran and jumped and loved it all. Then the engineer tried to cover the Auk and that's when the fun began.
Wrap 1
Wrap 2

Just when it's about wrapped.
Wrap 3
Until finally.
Wrapped and Ready
And we sat and waited, laughing at the absurdity of this storm, the worst weather we had seen all week, expecting hardly a soul to make the trek out to the site.

In the distance we see a short tour bus coming and become a bit excited but it was a short Tour bus with tourists coming out to see the beautiful coast. They got out, looked around, and got back in. They were not there for the ceremony.

And then one by one guests start arriving. A small group battling the elements. The Mayor and others arrived and we got things under way.
The City Council Chairman made a speech in Icelandic and then English.
Then Todd said a few words. It was all very nice, brief, and wet. Thankfully they brought the megaphone because while the rain had let up a little the wind was still gusting hard.

Then the unveiling.
And Todd invited all to touch and admire the beauty.
And then handshakes all around and everyone piled back into their vehicles and left. And we were back in the crusher laughing at the absurdity of it all.

And then we went to The Blue Lagoon.
The Blue Lagoon
Yesterday's Geothermal Experience was better.

We chose a different route home that is on the Top Ten things to see in Iceland. It goes right along the ocean and a beautiful lake. It looked like this, with rain and wind.
50 Feet
We arrived back at the hotel in time for dinner.

Tomorrow afternoon we head to London where our plans have changed slightly but our excitement hasn't.
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JIL said...

Jon, that is so awesome, I am so jealous, if I didn't say that before.

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