Monday, August 30, 2010

Day One

We arrived in Reykjavík before most of the country woke up and began preparations for the installation. We met with journeymen and diplomats and everything looked ready and waiting. We ironed out a few details, walked around the capital and had a wonderful dinner. I'm exhausted due to three hours sleep on the red eye and tomorrow is an early start as we hope to finish the installation in one day, weather permitting. For now I will leave you with these:


Everything is Fine
This is the view from the Auk's future spot, looking out at Eldey Island. We drove quite a few kilometers out some crazy roads through barren landscapes to arrive here.
The View from the Location
And the amazing island.
The Island
The view from our room, which is above a pub, of course.
Room with a View
And the view from my seat at dinner.
Birthday Dessert
Next Day

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