Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's All About The Water

When I was a kid growing up in South Central (WI) my Maternal Grandparents had a farm in the Driftless Area. The house was tucked into a small horseshoe valley with beautiful horses and woods up on the ridge behind the house and garden. Across the road was a large horse corral with a creek running through it and continuing into a pig yard with a large traditional hay and milking barn.

It was paradise for a kid, out in the middle of nowhere with tree swings and horses and a real teepee way out back that my Uncle had built using trees he felled. Legend had it he lived in it for a winter. We would catch piglets, usually getting zapped a few times by the electric fence. And lightening bugs and frogs.

We swam in that creek constantly.


This last weekend I was down at Jack London Square tasting beer for charity and there in the corner paired up with Blue Moon was Leinenkugel. A Wisconsin Native now owned by the world's largest - SAB Miller.

This was not the first taste of the day, but you know what?

I was shocked and transbolted right back to my childhood. That beer tastes just like that creek running through horse and pig shit.

I actually threw it away.


Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah. True. But they're taking Leinie Red national. So the whole country can share your memories.

Gunnar Berg said...

I'll bet EVERY rural kid was tricked into pissing on an electric fence. Some learn to love it.

P77 said...

Aww, that bums me out. I suppose it's all in context though. We recently received Leinie's here in Idaho (except for the Red) and it harkens me back to ye olde Midwest as well, and tastes not great or shitty. It is nice to reminisce however. My aunt and cousins lived in Wisconsin farmhouse for a lil while when I was kid, tell ya about it an email sometime. Yer darn tootin.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Well it was the freshest of spring water,,, till it hit the pastures.

Anonymous said...

That Souls Creek Farm never sounded so good and Leila always sucked.

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