Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday!

It's Friday #7

It's Friday #7
Last Sunday we were back up at Mama Sherry's for a visit. After the Giants lost to a Manny pinch-hit-two-run-homer I had to walk it off. Two blocks away I found this.
Had a Lil' Chief (cask style? hopped up and super tasty), Green Purl (interesting, Wormwood) and grabbed a growler of Dunkelweiss (also brought home a nasty bug so I tasted it but never enjoyed it)(Sorry Sam).
Tim Goeppinger, pictured, mastered at Firestone-Walker then moved up here and worked at Lagunitas and Russian River while getting SS Brewing brewing.
He and the Mrs. have a nice little operation with an intriguing summer beer plan: four oak barrels and sours to come.

Sonoma Springs Brewmaster, LTD
Sonoma Springs Copper
Sonoma Springs Brewing Co (fb)

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