Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Garin Again

Title: Garin Again
A beautiful Sunday found us back at Garin Regional doing the seven mile loop. This huge park runs for miles along the hill tops and there is never anyone around. Lots of climbing, happy cows, birds and mud.

Garin Again.3
We saw the usual suspects: TVs and Red Tails. One highlight was watching a Harrier working the rocks in the shot below. It would fly just off the ground, circling and figure-eighting the rock cropings looking for ground squirrels. It would circle down wind, come around into the wind to the rocks, pull up to about 12 feet above the rocks and drop straight down, wings and talons out and ready, at the last second drop back into the ground-covering glide to circle around to another rock outcropping. Never saw it grab a squirrel, but super cool flight patterns.
Garin Again.2
We had BroomDog with us, a giant Newfoundland, and he wanted squirrel for dinner too. As we approached one hill, I saw a colony of squirrels and pointed it out so BrĂ¼mus could be contained. GG, I mean Hawkeye, without binoculars, says "Oh my god, that's not a squirrel."

"That's a Burrowing Owl!" They've just arrived for a short layover. She is getting so good. I don't know how she does it.

Last time we were there it was a scorcher, this time low sixties, our next time will be for the wildflower bloom.


Gunnar Berg said...

low sixties. That's a scorcher!

Anonymous said...

ooooh lookit that little owl!! what's it doing in the daytime?

Moni Souris said...


Crafty Green Poet said...

what a wonderful photo of the owl!

Anonymous said...

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