Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sam vs the Voltage Hombre - Acapulco 2010

This just in from Loyal Reader #4:

From Paradise bar on the beach at Acapulco Bay.
50 pesos for as long as you want.
Sam challenged the Juice-Man, and when Juice-Man buckled, he wouldn't settle the bet
(which was for... 50 pesos?... I can't remember...).
We all stayed amigos in the end.

Sam is a little fragile physically (he can give a tour of scars, artificial body parts, and moved muscle) but mentally he's unbreakable.


lucydeecy said...

wow!! un hombre electrifico!!

coolbreeze585 said...

hahaha Jon that was very good! electrifying I might add.

sam said...

The juice man is weak.

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