Thursday, January 7, 2010

One of the Things You Learn After Years of Dealing with Drug People is You Can Turn Your Back on a Person, But Never Turn Your Back on a Drug

Is it so wrong?
Is it so wrong that I won't put, what I deem to be, the wrong part on the Scuglia?
Is that so wrong?

I could have slapped her together with lesser. I could have gone with my Ultegra clinchers with some Kenda Kommuters, some Tektro brakes and whatever cockpit I had lying around. And there is nothing wrong with those parts, on the right pig.

But I've waited this long. This Long.

When this bike is complete, it might not have all the most cutting edge, carbonesque, screaming components that go to Eleven, that would take a lot longer. And yes I thought about waiting for the Dura Ace Implant, where you think about shifting and it happens, the computer starts to learn your style and shifts or brakes or parallel parks for you before you realize you need it. Go with the Japanese implants, the Italian's version will be beautiful but will take a season or two of testing to be technically equal.

But when this bike is complete it will be, dare I say it, Worthy. There I said it. Worthy of being a First Generation Scuglia, worthy of being photographed, worthy of being discussed(ted), worthy of your desire and envy, worthy of joining the stable.

It's a long life, hopefully, why rush the assembly, why rush the search and attain, you know when it's done, well, hang with me here.

People will Pick and Hate, they always Pick and Hate. Do they not? But I will be always smiling, always knowing it's what I want. No neccesary purchases to fine tune it. No; "oh, I'm going to upgrade that soon".



Is that so wrong?


Gunnar Berg said...

I am impressed with everything I have seen. Period.

reverend dick said...

You got a joint?...

Jonny Hamachi said...

Define "joint".

Jonny Hamachi said...

(laughs, concrete curdles)

C39 said...

Oh man, it took me almost a year to build up the Raineer. Take that sweet time.

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