Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rest Easy Acme

This is looking across what used to be the Acme Chophouse dining room. The white plastic wall in the back is the kitchen line.

Across the Acme Dining Room
This is looking at the bar from the front door. Normally you would see me standing behind there, waiting to affect an effect on you.
The Acme Bar
And here's a shot back across the lounge and bar.
Back Across the Acme
So, I guess the Acme is gone. Now it's Public House/Mijita in the making.

Come see me in April. Mention this post and get free admission to these exciting new venues.

1 comment:

Old Nevermore said...

Ho Lee Shit.

You're gonna be on the beer side, right?

I was just telling someone last night about the filet at Acme, and how it's the only thing I know of that will get me to eat Cow.

I'm a little choked-up by this, Hamachi.


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