Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Foto de Hoy

This Is Mexico

Title: This Is Mexico
So we've returned and I took 399, well, some were deleted en route so 400+ images recording our fifth? autumnal migration.

Redundant Redundant Redundant Redundant Redundant.

Same sunsets, beaches, and drunks. But there are maybe a dozen or so that don't look just like the last four trips, so I'm going to throw those up the rest of the week.

It's cold (In The Forties at Night!) and going to rain this weekend, and it's worse elsewhere, so maybe they will help keep your innards warm, although some of you will need Don Neat as well.

This Is Mexico

dirty feet up on the table after dark


fxdwhl said...

forty five and pouring right now. you cali boys got it made.... your shots have been lovely too.

P77 said...

Sunny but 18 degrees here in Idaho. FXDWHL is correct on both fronts: you cats got it made and those vacay photos have been great. The footprints walking towards the ocean? Yes.

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