Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Be That Guy

Fuck Minneapolis, Fuck Portland, I get my bikes built in Boise. Well, I don't get em, but, well, nevermind. Actually two of my bikes were built in Minneapolis. The Croll might even have been built by Erik Noren, And the Croll has Walter's signature on the tt so I believe he still owned the company at the time of it's conception. The Kvale and The Croll, sounds like the title to the next Nick Cave novel.

Also: There's a free Them Crooked Vultures song on iTunes. Just sayin.


lucydeecy said...

fruit stripe?!? yes please!!

oldschooly said...

'I wanna watch you sneeze'!

reverend dick said...


Bikes aren't glittery objects to "pimp". They are fucking tools to induce suffering!

And they make handy bottle openers when you aren't drinking from cans.

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