Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Adam5-100 Lets The Shit Run

Title: Adam5-100 Lets The Shit Run

Adam5-100 Lets The Shit Run #2
We had "the heaviest downpour ever" last week and the worst of it gathered at 15th and Folsom.

You can see Local News coverage HERE including an interview with Adam.

Some quotes from Adam's FB.
well folks my work just became a lot studio building flooded and I lost most of everything to doodoo water...happy monday:)

What do you do, When you dont want to do, what you have to... a day digging through septic sludge, not what I had planned for today....thank you San Francisco for effectively putting me out of business....

too destracted to bike, too bumed for the bus, walk duder walk

Flood Update:
So after a very shitty inventory, pealing stencils apart, the tally is
29 SETS of stencils, from 6-20 layers each, are septic.
8 paintings soaked in the poison water,
and an uncountable amount of raw material had to be purged.

the upshot: life goes on, and just got my crate back from florida,
its nice to have a bunch of untainted art around, in a way I was lucky

Now for the Visual Reality of what went up. These following photos were taken by Adam's studio mate Matthew Reamer. (click to engorge)

Go over to Adam5-100 and send him some love.

Minthouse by Adam5-100

Minthouse by Adam 5-100

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