Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jet Fuel Genius

Last Saturday we joined the Chapitals up in Calistoga for some celebrating. Our afternoon was spent at Chateau Montelena, where there is a wonderful Japanese Garden on a man made lake. We had reserved a table under a gazebo on an island, but we arrived to 102 degree - still - heat.

So we chose to take over the bocce ball court, which was in the shade of the beautiful winery and almost had a breeze. We busted out a small table and full on luncheon and soon became part of the attraction of the winery. Visitors were drawn to the beautiful women, small barky dog, and action on the court.
Bocce 1
Bocce 3
Bocci 2
After a few bottles
Bocce 4
we returned to our motel for some pool time, followed by an evening of passionate discussion. It turns out we can solve the world's problems without even trying.
Bocce 5
The next day was spent sleeping it off in locales around the Calistoga area.
Bocce 6
It was my 42nd birthday.


Gunnar Berg said...

I own a regulation bocce ball set. Our former Governor, Rudy Perpich, was against a pay raise to state officials. He took his bonus and equipted every library in Minnesota with two bocce sets to check out. Bocce ball, played well, involves alcohol and cheating (Italian, you know).

I don't remember being 42 years old, but I'm sure I was a real stud.

Gunnar Berg said...

I forgot, we were busted for playing bocce ball on the grounds of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. We drew quite a crowd. They thought we were a public art happening. We were just looking for a large flat, even space to play. Then the cops showed up.

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