Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Trying Ringo, I'm Trying Real Hard

(in this space there was a rant about approval junkies) (there is no external enemy) (the past is gone, the future is not here and I can't control it, so i guess it's just this) (breathe) (how can you say what's right? how can i?) (breathe) (que quieres en la vida?) (have you ever considered any real freedoms? freedom from the opinion of others? even the opinions of yourself?) (breathe) (Repent, The Great Pumpkin is Coming) (there is no external enemy) (breathe) (andy rooney is a bitch) (breathe)


Old Nevermore said...

Best post ever.

Gunnar Berg said...

As an old guy with years of accumulated wisdom I would like to express an opinion about another maybe hipper group, The Kings of Leon. I can overlook bad music, bad production, etc, but they commit the ultimate sin, they are incompetent musicians.

Thank you for your time.

lucydeecy said...

heard this is good:

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