Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Inspiration Is Where You Find It

Title: Inspiration Is Where You Find It
Especially when trying to motivate to ride.

There is the Interweb. There is a Sunny Day. Come On! Get out there. No wait, let me check one more thing. Come On! No. Wait look at this article in the WaPost. You're Fat. So are you.

Then I read some of This and some of This. And Then, I got out and rode hard for two hours.

These guys log miles. One of them got tagged by a car a week ago and he's back in the saddle. The other one is a werewolf or something. Always in the woods, and crazy for a full moon. Freaky Vegans to boot.



fxdwhl said...

werewolf eh? kinda makes sense. enjoy the sun, it's pouring here. ma nature saying welcome back.

reverend dick said...

Hey hey hey...whatever gets you through the night.

Glad to be transmitting on your frequency.

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