Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're All Bozos on this Bus

2009 Correction Ale

We got the black mac back, so this should be my last night on the G4. This computer takes me back to the weird early days of the internet. Where I would read a book or magazine while the pages loaded. You can't ask it to do to much, or actually load half of the internet. Couldn't get on Netflix. On the blog create page there is only spellcheck, insert pic, and preview on the toolbar, and spellcheck doesn't work. Actually had to manually type in html shit.

Still managed to buy GG a Brooks on eBay though.

Just seeing the MacBook made me smile. All sleek and sexy. I can't believe that bitch crashed on me. It's memory wiped, it won't even remember me. It's like Data having his memory wiped and then trying to hang out with Picard. We'll have to start from scratch. Rebuild a friendship. It won't remember those late nights in the dark with the headphones on watching Lost or BSG. That's the way to do it you know. Especially Lost. Headphones in the dark half drunk and fully high with the laptop on your lap laying on the couch. High Def in Stereo.

So, tomorrow, it'll be transfer this, and reload that, download, and them dump our 30 gigs of music back onto it. But first we'll hike a ridge and throw some meat on the barby. Then when I'm half drunk and fully high...

Oh and the beers good. APA. Good hops. Taste like what Sierra Nevada should have been all along. From the bottle:
I think we’re all Bozos on this bus… I mean, really - who would ever have given their money to a guy with a name like “Made-Off?” If one day an oily guy named Soprano showed up at your door wearing a suit that said Countrywide offering free money; who would have taken it? Isn’t ‘free money’ an oxymoron? If it was all too good to be true, it was. Wasn’t the end in sight when ‘Flip This House’ went on television…? In the future 2009 will be in there with 1929, 1941, and 1968. OK, we ALL partied down and, YES, we took some liberties with some of our female guests. But now it’s the day after Mardi Gras when everyone kneels down and prays. Apparently, it really is possible to have too much fun. But it is far better tohave partied and lost than to never have partied at all. Gracefully surrender the things of 2008. Smoke a fag, drink a beer, and buy toothpaste…in that order. Live to party again…

sheeeeeeeit clay davis

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reverend dick said...

Very happy with all of this.

And now you try'n to cut me loose? Sheeeeeeeit.

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