Monday, May 11, 2009

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Christmas Night

Title: Christmas Night
So, yes, the Black Mac crashed it's harddrive. Two plus years of photos, and so much music. We would take the Black Mac to people's homes and force feed the computer music all night.

Now I'm back on the G4, and, it hurts. Everything just slooweed doownn.

And now I'm back to photos from yesteryear.

This is Christmas Night 2002. The WayBack Machine.

We're getting estimates for data extraction, and then it goes back to Mac for a new harddrive, under warranty.

Fucking Freemans.

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Old Nevermore said...

You sure that's not X-mas, 1962?

Even the photo loaded slowly. Man, you must be in the hurt-sack.

I need to back my shit up. If I lose my pictures and music it might kill me.

Good luck, man.

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