Saturday, May 16, 2009

Round And Round

The Ghetto Bird has been circling for hours. It took a break, probably had to refuel. Shit is right around the corner. According to the North Oakland community organization;

The word I have from Berkeley PD officers @ 55th/Dover, and KCBS radio news, is the following:

There was a shooting with an assault weapon in Berkeley c. 6:30 pm. At least one person dead; shot 10 times. Three suspects fled into Oakland. Suspects' car went into on-coming traffic. Large multi-car crash (4 cars) at MLK/56th and/or Aileen.

If you're right Erica, 2 dead at the scene.

At least one suspect fled. Police fear that suspect still has the assault weapon.

OPD and Berkeley PD have blocked off most streets between Dover and MLK.
The Compound is on lockdown.


Fink said...

time to move?

Old Nevermore said...

GG says it's a perfectly safe neighborhood.

Me, nuh uh.

Also, corner of Aileen and Dover. Best ever.

Fink said...


Old Nevermore said...


Jonny Hamachi said...

It's nice to see you guys having a conversation.

Old Nevermore said...

Jonny, you're a uniter. (Interlaces fingers)

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