Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Brush Up

Title: Brush Up
Mama Sherry's tools of the trade.


Gunnar Berg said...

As an old art major, to me there are few things more beautiful than a good red sable brush. When I acquired mine, Russia was not trading with the West and sablewas expensive. A Winsor & Newton 14 round was like gold.

Anonymous said...

oi johnny, its joe from the chop-chop. so, my uncle is the vice president of the san diego county bicycle coalition, first one to strap me to a mt bike and throw me down super steep desert single track trails, taught me how to replace a tube with bloodied and gravel covered fingers (on the same day actually) etc etc, anyway, he sent me a link to this video. thought you'd dig it the most. the music hurts my soul a lot but the visuals are worth it.

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